The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported that a motorcyclist was struck by an SUV this past Tuesday in Tulsa County. The SUV driver said he never saw the motorcyclist because he was blinded by the sun.

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It is good to remember as a motorcyclists that you can do everything right, the other person can be in the wrong, but you are still the one injured. Dress appropriately. We always suggest you wear a helmet, a heavy jacket, boots and gloves.

According to the Tahlequah Daily Press, Floyd Dee Duffield Jr., a Dewey, OK man was hurt when his motorcycle failed to negotiate a curve on the Cherokee Turnpike. His bike traveled 220 ft and overturned 4 times. Fortunately he was wearing a helmet and survived.

As the weather warms up and riders pull their bikes out of the garage, here are a few tips for motorcyclists from the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Safety Tips from OKCPD