Ride Oklahoma attended the Martin Luther King Jr. parade in downtown Oklahoma City this past week and marveled at the large turnout of African-American motorcycle riders there. Riders were on everything from tricked out sport bikes to chromed up Harley Davidson bikes to luxurious Gold Wings. Our friend Tommy Bolton interviewed several of the riders and his bikes were well represented in the parade. The Buffalo Soldiers looked pretty cool in their civil war style wardrobe and the OKC Sheriff’s Department motorcycle division put on a good display of motorcycling skill and precision. The entire crowd was very friendly and a great time was had by all, regardless of their skin color.

David Fogle has once again come up with a fun ride with a bit of competition included. For this year’s contest you get to ride the Grand Blvd loop around Oklahoma City. This loop was designed in 1909 and loops around what was then the outer edge of Oklahoma City. It passes by the OKC Fairgrounds, south along 36th, east through Trosper Park and north through the OKC Zoo complex. Check out this fun loop at StreetEnduro.com

About 35 riders had a great time on Sunday riding street legal dirt bikes all through downtown OKC and north to the OKC Thunder Cycles Thunder Run VI party. Part of the fun of urban dual sport riding is jumping off loading docks, riding up stairs, and other fun things. Everyone was careful to not damage private property, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t have a bit of fun while riding!

More pictures are available on the forum thread here.

Phil Templeton and myself (James Pratt) recently completed laying out the route for the latest installment of the Ride Oklahoma Urban Assault dual sport ride. You will either need a GPS or team up with someone who has a GPS. This ride is like a treasure hunt – you will need to navigate via back alleys, empty lots and other means to GPS waypoints. When there you will read a clue sheet for each point, and your team will need to figure out the answer to each clue. Write the answer down and we all meet up at the end for a big party and will compare notes and scores.

I have posted several GPS waypoint files. They should all be identical but in different formats. Download these waypoints and import them into your GPS. Right click on the link below and choose “save target as”.

Garmin GDB Version 3
Garmin GDB Version 2
Garmin GPX interchange file (for most non-Garmin GPS systems)
Google Earth KML file
Garmin MPS file (not sure what this file format is for, but Garmin had it as an option)
Text file (plain old text file, worst case you can type this in your GPS)

Below is the clue sheet. Download and print it for your ride:
2010 RideOK Urban Assault Clue Sheet

This is a charity event, with all proceeds going to the family of Nathan Johnson, who died in a tough man contest in OKC. A $10 donation is requested.

Below is a Google Maps version of our route.

View RideOK Urban Assault Route V2 in a larger map