by James Pratt

Track days are once again starting up at Hallett Raceway, with the first day scheduled March 20. These are always fun and a way to learn how to handle your motorcycle to its limit. Classes are available for novice riders, and track sessions group novice, intermediate, and expert riders on the track at seperate times. All that is required to participate is a helmet, leather or textile riding gear, a spine protector, boots and gloves.

Dustin Dominguez of Newalla at Hallett Raceway
Dustin Dominguez of Newalla, OK at a 2009 track day at Hallett Raceway

I am an Oklahoma based writer, photographer, videographer and adventurer. I love telling stories about people. A motorcycle is my preferred means of travel, and I have over 5,000 hours piloting small airplanes.

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