11th Annual Clayton Dual Sport Ride Oct 11-14, 2012

This year we are moving the Clayton weeekend up to Oct 11-14. The park accidentally booked another event in on our normal weekend so this is what we got.

This ride has been going on for some time now. You can bring any type of off-road bike and enjoy the riding in SE Oklahoma mountains – anything from big adventure bikes to skinny 2 stroke race bikes. This is a “non-event” in that it is not organized, not sponsored. Just a bunch of guys and gals show up around the same time each year, camp out, and have a great time riding the rocky, rugged mountains of southeast Oklahoma. Each year we have around 70-100 riders. We typically form up into small groups of 6-10 riders to keep the dust under control, and go out and explore the hundreds of miles of jeep trails, two track and even rugged single track riding available.

There is no direct cost or fee for the event, but it is suggested you purchase a land access fee from the State of Oklahoma. If you are on a street legal dirt bike and sticking to the graded gravel roads you probably don’t need the permit. There is also some excellent single track trails about 20 miles away that don’t require the land access fee. But if you want to ride your skinny bike in the Weyerhaeuser land you probably need to get the permit. It is $15 for a 3 day pass for native Oklahoman’s, but unfortunately out of state riders it costs $80 for an annual permit.

Camping is $8 per night per tent. Showers and toilets are available on-site. Hotels are available in town, but then we classify you as a wussy and you miss all the fun of hanging around a campfire late at night swapping tall tales about how fast you used to be.

Come on out and have some fun riding some of the best trails in Oklahoma. If you want tight technical single track, you can find it in spades. If you prefer two track jeep trails, there are plenty of those. Or if you prefer pavement, there is plenty of excellent asphalt in SE Oklahoma and Arkansas.

WHERE: Clayton Lake State Park – 5 miles SE of Clayton, OK
WHEN: October 11-14, 2012
WHAT: Awesome adventure, dual sport and single track riding with your buddies
WHO: Women, children, men, whoever likes to ride.

3 thoughts on “11th Annual Clayton Dual Sport Ride Oct 11-14, 2012

  1. I will be attending, streed legal XR650R and like to ride single track and trails. New to the area so would like to hook up with riders who know the area.


    1. talked to u fri. mor. at clayton.i have 650r that would like to talk to about. ph.479-650-2598. how did u like K.TRAIL?

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