2023 Spring GOAT Ride

In early May I attended the 2023 GOAT Adventure Ride in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Daniel Sawin puts together this great ride. This year on Friday, we rode into Tahlequah for a tour of Cherokee tribal historical locations. We had a Cherokee elder tell us the history of the location which was cool. I am a member of the Cherokee Tribe so the history was already familiar to me, but it was cool to see other people introduced to a bit of Cherokee history.

The next two days had us riding a north and south loop, about 200 miles per day. The weather was perfect and the roads were in great shape – well, except for Stagecoach Road on the south loop. It was pretty muddy and rutted and caused a lot of trouble for some riders. My DRZ-400 with fresh Dunlop 606 knobbies made short work for that rugged section.

On Day 1 we had a rider get seriously injured, bad enough to need an ambulance. That really sucked for him and chewed up a lot of our riding day. We had no cell phone service where he was injured, so I pushed the SOS button on my Garmin Montana 700 with InReach and within about 15 minutes a volunteer fireman showed up at our location, followed a short time later by a parade of fire trucks, sheriffs, and an ambulance. The rider got a ride to the hospital and we had to retrieve his bike later in the day. His injury required major shoulder surgery and he most likely won’t be riding a motorcycle again.

All in all I had a great weekend. I camped in my trailer, stayed warm with my electric heater, and had fun riding my 21-year old Suzuki DRZ-400 motorcycle.