James Pratt

I am an Oklahoma based writer, photographer, videographer and adventurer. I love telling stories about people. A motorcycle is my preferred means of travel, and I have over 5,000 hours piloting small airplanes.

Guthrie to Pawhuska Adventure Loop

I decided to jump on my 2002 Suzuki DRZ-400 and ride back roads from Guthrie to Pawhuska, camping in Pawhuska for the night and returning home the next day. I didn’t have a planned route but just wandered and made some stops at interesting locations along the way. Crossing the Cimarron After leaving Guthrie, the…

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Tombo Racing Update for 2024

James Pratt sat down with legendary drag racer, engine builder, and Harley Davidson Hall of Famer Tommy Bolton to talk about how the 2023 drag racing season went for Tombo Racing, and their plans for the 2024 season. Tommy discussed upcoming events for 2024, including his wildly popular Soul in the Valley drag race/car show/block…

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2023 Spring GOAT Ride

In early May I attended the 2023 GOAT Adventure Ride in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Daniel Sawin puts together this great ride. This year on Friday, we rode into Tahlequah for a tour of Cherokee tribal historical locations. We had a Cherokee elder tell us the history of the location which was cool. I am a member…

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