Bill Dragoo teaching Adventure Bike Class in Lexington

Adventurer Bill Dragoo will be teaching a two day class in Lexington, OK on how to ride big dual sport bikes off-road. Slotted for April 21-22 2015, this class will focus on helping aspiring adventure riders learn to manage big, heavy dual sport motorcycles over rough terrain safely and efficiently.

Bill Dragoo launching out of  deep sand at the 2008 BMW GS Trophy competition in Spartanburg, SC.
Bill Dragoo launching out of deep sand at the 2008 BMW GS Trophy competition in Spartanburg, SC.

Skill training will include but not be limited to:

Balance and control
Proper body position
Proper use of brakes where traction is marginal
Skid turns
Obstacle Crossing
Tight turns
Hill Fail Turnaround
Trailside Emergency Including Flat Repair (time permitting)
Negotiating Deep Sand
Sand Extraction
Group Ride Trail Etiquette
Riding Gear Selection (What works and what to avoid)

Bill is an experienced off-road racer and rider. He won the 2009 Adventure Rider Challenge in California, was runner-up on the BMW GS Trophy Team in 2008, and was a member of the BMW GS Trophy Team in 2010, where he competed in South Africa against teams from all over the world. Bill has ridden dual sport motorcycles in far off places such as Africa, South America, the American southwest, and many other places. Bill is an MSF advanced rider instructor and teaches beginning and advanced street riding courses in Oklahoma City.

If you always wanted to ride your big dual sport off-road but was nervous on how to handle such a challenge, or you just want to sharpen your existing off-road skills and learn a few tricks on riding big bikes off-road, this class is for you.

Cost is $235 for the two day class and will be held at Sundog Trails ORV area in Lexington.

Listen to the podcast to hear Bill talk about what is needed for the class and the skills that will be learned during the class.

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