Eureka Springs 2010

Just back from spending the weekend in Eureka Springs with a very special passenger: my amazing 16-year-old daughter Summer. She, Danny, and I rode out of Oklahoma City Friday morning and spent most of the day in rain. We had a gorgeous day Saturday riding around in northwestern Arkansas, then meandered home today. This was Summer’s first multi-day outing on a bike. She seemed to love it. Not one single complaint — not even Friday in the pouring rain — unless you count her telling me to go faster in the Arkansas twisties. Ha! Summer obviously takes after me (not her mom, who is always telling me to slow down). She even thinks she wants a sportbike. We’ll see…

Stylin'. wish I could make my helmet look that good. LOL.
Ready to roll...
A slightly nervous Mom snapped this photo as the dogs escorted Summer and me down the driveway.
All geared up for Saturday's ride from our motel in Eureka Springs. Ain't she a beauty?
Our cozy riding group from Saturday in the Ozarks. L-to-R: Greg Davenport, Gadget Steve, Danny, and Summer. I'm behind the camera, of course.
Summer at the Cliffhouse Inn just south of Jasper, Arkansas.
You keep your eyes on the horizon, kiddo. I know the sky's the limit for you.