House of Kawasaki rolls out new web site

To celebrate their 40th year in business, House of Kawasaki recently rolled out a new web site and Facebook page. “Our new site is one of the most comprehensive of any dealer in the country” says Shawn Garrison, sales manager for HoK. “Our customers can look at microfiche for any Kawasaki motorcycle made and with a click of a button, order parts right from our web site. Customers can also can order products from a number of our suppliers, such as Icon, Joe Rocket, just about any vendor around. They get great on-line pricing but with the service and friendly atmosphere of a dealership with a 40 year history in the Oklahoma City motorcycling community.” The new web site goes along with a major facility expansion in 2009, nearly doubling the size of the showroom floor.

The HoK Facebook page is a place where the staff at House of Kawasaki has fun and interacts with customers and fans. A weekly trivia question mixes interesting tidbits of HoK and Oklahoma motorcycling history. Customers guess the answers to trivia questions such as “what was the model and sales price of the most expensive Kawasaki sold at HoK in 1970?” Answer? $1,100 for the Kawasaki H1 2-stroke Triple.

Forty years is a long time for any local business to survive. I remember shopping at HoK as a teenager in 1978. They have always had great customer service and as their slogan says, they treat people “just like family.”

I am sure that by staying innovative and providing great customer care, they will survive another 40 years in business.

Eric Hoenshell performing burnout with Shawn Garrison at House of Kawasaki
Professional stunt rider Eric Hoenshell performing a burnout on his House of Kawasaki ZX-6 with Sales Manager Shawn Garrison in front of HoK showroom.

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