James Pratt competes in Cycle World Adventure Challenge

Last year I was picked by Cycle World to fly to their southern California headquarters and compete in their Cycle World Adventure Challenge competition featuring the Honda NC700x motorcycle, which had just recently been introduced into the USA market. Cycle World and Honda picked 4 readers to participate in this challenge. I represented the experienced rider, while the other three were composed of a beginning rider, an re-entry rider and a young “hipster” rider. I had thought the competition would be a riding contest but in fact it was quite different than I expected. It was all great fun and we were treated like kings, but as you will see in the video series I am not much on cooking or slow riding. In fact I nearly got sent home in the middle of the contest for doing a big smoky burnout in the Cycle World parking lot! And they wouldn’t let me ride the darn thing off road. I DID get the NX700x to wheelie, but just barely.

It was all great fun and I made a lot of great friends and hopefully represented our Sooner state well.

Cycle World NC700X Adventure Challenge