Motorcycle Camping with Bill Dragoo

Bill Dragoo will be hosting a motorcycle camping seminar at Backwoods outdoor store in Norman (I-35 & Robinson) on Tuesday, June 7 at 7 pm. He will be showing how to pack everything you need, yet still pack light and tight. He will show his kit for traveling the Trans America Trail on his dirt bike, and his kit for traveling to Mexico on his BMW GS-1200. Bill is the master at packing light with just the gear you need. He traveled across the USA – unsupported – on a bicycle, so he knows a thing or two about packing and camping light. Join us for a great time.

2 thoughts on “Motorcycle Camping with Bill Dragoo

  1. Someone I work with visits your site regularly and recommended it to me to read also. The writing style is great and the content is interesting. Thanks for the insight you provide the readers!

  2. I would love to have info on packing for camping on a motorcycle. Planning a ride and camp trip through parts of colorado.

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