OKC – Urban Assault Dual Sport Ride

by James Pratt

DRZ-400 in downtown OKC
Street legal urban dual sport riding atop the Santa Fe parking garage in downtown OKC

Once again Ride Oklahoma will be holding their irregularly scheduled “Urban Assault” dual sport ride in and around downtown Oklahoma City. This quasi-annual event sees riders on street legal dual sport motorcycles, traveling along the alleyways, parking lots and back roads of Oklahoma City, searching for clues to riddles and questions. Sunday morning, April 11 at 9:00 am riders will met at a yet to be determined location in Oklahoma City. GPS coordinates for ride waypoints will be available online a few days prior to the event. Riders are encouraged to form small 3-5 rider teams. The morning of the event they will be given clue sheets. The goal of each team is to travel to the GPS coordinates, find answers to the clues, and then everyone will meet at the end of the ride to talk smack and share stories.

This ride is a charity event, with all proceeds going to help the unborn child of Nathan Johnson, who recently died at the local OKC Tough Man contest. Cost will be $10 per rider. Teams are encouraged to find business sponsors to help raise additional money.
Kay Pratt, Connie Hamilton and Brian Hopkins at Java Dave's ni downtown OKC after an urban dual sport event
All motorcycles must be street legal, but we highly recommend a dual sport bike with knobbies. Riders must follow all local laws and ordinances and respect private property. We will be riding in unusual, out of the way places but please keep the noise down, don’t rip up yards and public areas with your knobbies, and respect the rights of the other downtown citizens. This is NOT a race and it is NOT an excuse for you to wreak havoc on downtown Oklahoma City. It is a great way to see some unusual places that you may not have known even existed and to have fun with your friends exploring the backroads and alleyways and industrial areas of OKC.

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  1. What, no wreaking havoc???? What kind of Urban Dual Sport would that be……… :>) No cops chasing us, no short cuts through McDonalds back yard…. where are the helicopters..???

    Sounds like fun as usual. I will try to make it. I have a race in Waco that weekend but maybe I can cut it a day short.

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