Old Sewell Stockade – Jefferson Oklahoma

Just south of the ghost town of Jefferson, Oklahoma and along the Oklahoma Adventure Trail likes two markers – what I call “Cowboy Tombstone” and a marker for the Old Sewell Stockade. They are literally 50 yards apart, one on the north side of the road and the other on the south side of the road. Be sure and visit both.

The north marker is for the “Old Sewell Stockade”. The footing of an old stockade can be found on the location, along with this marker erected by the Pond Creek and Medford Lion’s Club in 1937. The inscription on the marker reads:

“On this spot stood the old Sewell Stockade erected in the late sixties (1860’s) and later known as the Pond Creek Ranch House. For nearly a quarter of a century prior to the opening of the Cherokee Outlet, this ranch stood as a haven for weary cattle drivers, freighters, and travelers on the Chisholm Trail. Two hundred yards west the Black Dog Osage Indian Trail crossed the original Chisholm Trail.”

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Marker for the Old Sewell Stockade along the Oklahoma Adventure Trail

Details about the Old Sewell Stockade on the Oklahoma Adventure Trail