Edmond PD Motorcycle Training Program

In this episode of Ride Oklahoma Radio, James and Tommy talk to Acey Hopper of the Edmond Police Department Motorcycle Training Division. The Edmond PD has been teaching advanced motorcycle classes for over 7 years all over Oklahoma. The classes are free and open to any Oklahoma resident who rides a motorcycle. This is not a basic rider course. You will need a “motorcycle” endorsement on your license to take this class. Rather, this class is an advanced skills class similar to what is taught to motorcycle patrol officers. You will spend six hours learning advanced braking, acceleration, handling and avoidance tactics that will help keep you alive out on the street.

Listen in while James and Tommy talk to A.C. about the program and a bit on how the Edmond Police Department uses some cool bikes in their operations. For more information on the classes, visit the Edmond Police Department web site.