Ride to Remember the OKC Bombing – April 20, 2024

In this podcast I interviewed Martin Thorne about the 17th Annual Ride To Remember poker run coming up on Saturday, April 20, 2024. Martin explains the purpose of the ride – to honor the OKC bombing victims and support the first responders who were at the tragedy, and gives details on how to participate.

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Early Sign Up

You can sign up for the ride at Coal Creek Winery on Friday night from 6-9 pm, or the morning of the ride at Papa’s Leather Barn, or online at Ride To Remember. Cost is $35 per couple or $25 per individual rider.

Ride Starts at Papa’s Leather Barn

The ride starts on Saturday at 11 pm at Papa’s Leather Barn in Bethany at 6623 NW 23rd Street in Bethany and then proceeds to the downtown Oklahoma City bombing memorial. Approximately 1,000 riders attend each year, it is a very large crowd. Bethany Police will escort riders to the edge of Oklahoma City, but after that, riders will need to obey all traffic laws and be sure and stop for stoplights. Do NOT block traffic at stop lights for other riders to proceed or you can except a citation from the police.

First stop – OKC Bombing Memorial

The first stop is at the OKC bombing memorial, where a ceremony will take place to honor those who lost their lives in this terrible tragedy. Afterwards, riders are free to make their own route southwest to Cold Creek Winery in Tuttle, Oklahoma. However, the Heartland Heat chapter of the Wind and Fire Motorcycle Club recommends stopping at the OKC Firefighters Memorial near the OKC Zoo, and then they have planned poker run stops at various locations going to Tuttle.

Riders gather for a service at the OKC Bombing Memorial in downtown Oklahoma City. Photo courtesy KFOR.

Poker Run

The ride consists of a poker run, where riders stop at various locations along the route and draw a card to see who gets the best hand for the ride. Information on the poker run is provided at signup or the morning of the ride.

Ride Ends at Coal Creek Winery in Tuttle

Last rider is due into Cold Creek Winery at 5 pm on Saturday, where drawings will be held, music will be playing, vendors will show their wares, and friends can hang out and have fun.

Dual Sport Ride

I am planning on riding my dual sport adventure bike on this trip, and after the visit to the Firefighter’s Museum near the OKC Zoo, I plan to ride back roads and dirt/gravel roads west to Piedmont, south El Reno, and then back east to Tuttle. Other dual sport/adventure riders are welcome to join me for the route.

Look for me at the ride start or at the OKC Firefighter’s Museum. I will be leading a dual sport ride west to Piedmont, then El Reno, and we will end up at the event around 5 pm at Coal Creek Winery in Tuttle.

This is the planned dual sport route after leaving the Firefighter’s Museum near the OKC Zoo. It is a 107-mile route west and then south. We will make a brief stop at David Blankenship’s house (he is planning some refreshments) and then at the Historic Fort Reno before passing by T-Fab’s shop in Union City, the Braum’s Dairy Farm in Tuttle, and to Coal Creek Winery in Tuttle.