Today I sat down with my good friend Tommy Bolton with Tombo Racing just to check up on what his team of go-fast guys have been doing lately. I just happened to have some time free and was driving by his place and had my gear, so here you go!

Tommy tells us that this has been his busiest year in drag racing in quite some time. In addition to competing in the PMRA series in Tulsa, they have been to ManCup races in Memphis, to Fontana California for some west coast races, and to Louisiana for a bit of racing – all with good results and several 6 second passes, quite a few wins, and one championship.

Tombo Racing Bagger in white.
Tombo Racing Bagger in white.

In addition, this year Tommy started building his own Tombo Racing performance bagger motorcycles. These are not some chopped up custom bike, but instead the frames have an MSO and are custom built by Tombo Racing. This means the bike can be insured and financed like any other production motorcycle. Big front wheels are the “thing” in the bagger world, and Tommy has bikes with 26″ wheels and one in the shop with a 30″ that will be out soon. Pretty sweet looking.

So cue up your phone and get the update on Oklahoma’s own Tombo Racing for 2015.

In this episode of Tombo Smack Shack, Tommy and the drag racing boys talk about getting ready for the first PMRA drag race of the season. Brian Wood from Omaha, NE joins the group.

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