Tombo Racing Outlaw Bike

Tommy Bolton with Tombo Racing recently completed his latest creation, the Tombo Outlaw Bike. This bike started life as a Suzuki GS-1150 engine, but it only resembles that well designed powerplant on the outside. Inside the bike has been bored to 1600cc. Tommy installed special pistons, cams, crank and case, plus he spent time porting and polishing the head and working the valves. Next a custom Tombo Racing draw through turbocharger was installed, along with a Tombo Racing dual stage wet nitrous system. Add racing slicks, a stearing stabiler, a custom frame, and many other custom parts and you have this tire shredding, pavement wrinkling drag bike. A custom 2Brothers paint job makes this bike look just as good as it goes fast.

Although the bike has yet to run at the track, Tommy is expecting the bike to run in the high six second/low seven second range in the quarter mile at around 200 mph once everything is dialed in and tested. Tim Howard will be competing for Tombo Racing on this bike in the Outlaw class at local and select nationwide races.

Good luck to the Tombo Racing crew!

2 thoughts on “Tombo Racing Outlaw Bike

  1. Very nice bike!It looks fast.Cool backdrop(Thunder Valley),Its just down the road from me.Im from Moore.

  2. outstandng work t take tme and pations to come up with stright gut power 1150 to 1600 cc real madness and a real azzkicking to give out too keeping it real 100%!!!!!!

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