Tombo Smack Shack – MotoGP vs TT Racing

We are starting a new feature on Ride Oklahoma – Tombo’s Smack Shack. Most racers and people involved in competitive sports are familiar with “talking smack” or as some call it “talking head” – and a few other descriptive terms. It is basically good natured ribbing that can be quite funny at times.

In this episode, host Tommy Bolton and James Pratt invite two racers onto the show to talk a little “smack”. Tony Maxey is a well know racer and one of the owners of Maxey’s Honda/Yamaha in OKC. Luther Loudenbaur used to roadrace in California and according to him, MotoGP is for wimps while the TRUE motorcycle roadracers are guys like Joey Dunlop who race at true road courses like Isle of Mann. Tony on the other hand says the fastest guys are MotoGP racers like Valentino Rossi.

Listen in for a few laughs as these guys try to make there point, while long time drag racer Tommy Bolton tries to figure out why anyone would want to run longer than a quarter mile.